"Inspiration is a word used by people who aren't really doing anything" Nick Cave
"Inspiration is a word used by people who aren't really doing anything" Nick Cave
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Company & Crew

Company & Crew

Almost everything we sell is printed by us in house in Orlando, Fl. Using only water-based inks and the highest quality most sustainable materials we can get are hands on. We have been in business since 2009, besides printing our own products we do custom printing and events. Send us a message about how we can help you with your upcoming illustration, design or print projects.

What Is Water-Based Ink?

We use exclusively water-based ink on all of are garments we screen print. Water-based ink is more environmentally friendly than the typical oil and plastic based inks as well as creating a safer work environment for the people printing with it. The ink also creates an extremely soft print on fabric that soaks into the fabric as opposed to sitting on top of the fabric like plastisol does. 

Check out this article by Bella Canvas:

"These days, however, the tides are turning once again. While Plastisol lead the way as a quick and easy way to create screen printed designs, today, many screen printers are opting to use more user-friendly, advanced water based inks. This transition back to water based ink is two-fold. First, these inks have a super soft hand that is very sought after in today’s market. Second, water based inks are an environmentally friendly alternative for people who want to avoid the chemical phthalate found in plastisol, which can disrupt the body’s hormones. Bigger brands are already looking for alternatives for plastisol, and instead, choosing to work with water based inks. In fact, 90% of the goods produced in Europe today are water based. It shouldn’t be long until the US and Canada markets follow suit."



Chris Sellen has worked every job in the graphics industry from the press to the cube. He started screen printing with a friend in his parents garage figuring it out as they went. Being a connoisseur of cool shit they were always on the look out for new and original art and clothing. At the time nothing seemed to represent them or the stuff they wanted to see so they decided that they where going to have create it. 

Inspired by skate board graphics, zines, rock posters, cartoons, comic book art and all other forms of raw hand drawn illustrations. He became a self taught illustrator with a love for traditional art techniques. Growing up with an over active imagination, has wired his brain to see things differently. Which he uses to his advantage to create his unique hand drawn work. He like George below is also a staunch cat lover, surfer and skater.



 George Cornwell is a fine art screen printer, currently located at the CoRK Arts District in Jacksonville, Florida. Moving to New York City in 1987, he worked and studied within the fine art screen printing industry under the tutorage of Eunice and Jackson Lowell (Chromacomp Inc.), Jean-Yves Noblet (Noblet Serigraphie) and Bill Wollod (Willco Fine Art). George also like to occasionally punk out on some rock & roll. He has played in Glue Gun, Novakcine tour the country and the world. He is also a superb cat lover and surfer.