What Is Water-Based Ink

We use exclusively water-based ink on everything we screen print. Water-based ink is more environmentally friendly than the typical oil and plastic based inks as well as creating a safer work environment for the people printing with it. The ink also creates an extremely soft print on fabric that soaks into the fabric as opposed to sitting on top of the fabric like plastisol does. 

Check out this article by Bella Canvas:

"These days, however, the tides are turning once again. While Plastisol lead the way as a quick and easy way to create screen printed designs, today, many screen printers are opting to use more user-friendly, advanced water based inks. This transition back to water based ink is two-fold. First, these inks have a super soft hand that is very sought after in today’s market. Second, water based inks are an environmentally friendly alternative for people who want to avoid the chemical phthalate found in plastisol, which can disrupt the body’s hormones. Bigger brands are already looking for alternatives for plastisol, and instead, choosing to work with water based inks. In fact, 90% of the goods produced in Europe today are water based. It shouldn’t be long until the US and Canada markets follow suit."